LIVE STREAM 21st November 8 pm

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19.11.2021 	PLÜSCH_TanZzeitV 	LOT-Theater Braunschweig
21.11.2021 	PLÜSCH_TanZzeitV 	LOT-Theater Braunschweig

18.09.2021 	SEX MIT MADONNA 	LOT-Theater Braunschweig
17.09.2021 	SEX MIT MADONNA 	LOT-Theater Braunschweig
16.09.2021 	SEX MIT MADONNA 	LOT-Theater Braunschweig

12.09.2021 	SEX MIT MADONNA 	QUARTIER Theater Hannover
11.09.2021 	SEX MIT MADONNA 	QUARTIER Theater Hannover
10.09.2021 	SEX MIT MADONNA 	QUARTIER Theater Hannover

Vogue Italy
Foto: Claudia Greco

I had the pleasure to be photographed by the talented Claudia Greco. You can see this image and more of her work in VOGUE ITALY.     

Babylon Berlin

Based on the best-selling novels by Volker Kutscher. BABYLON BERLIN directed by Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries, Henk Handloegten is the first German TV series where viewers can emotionally experience the story of the political developments leading from the Weimar Republic to the spread of National Socialism.

Through the TV series the audience gets a glimpse behind the scenes of the “Roaring Twenties,” which not only brought the Great Depression, but where “dancing on the volcano” became the stuff of legend. I had the pleasure to perform and choreograph for this production. Watch online on SKY.

Music Video: Elen – EGAL

Produced, Directed and Edited: Julia Patey for Elen and Universal Music Deutschland |
Featuring Marie Zechiel, Chris Jäger, Tina Dubrovsky, Victoria Rose | Choreography and Movement Direction by Marie Zechiel | Camera + Grade by Konstantin Minnich | Gaffer Jonathan Beneteau | 1st AC Christoph Sommer | WE Studio | Bruce Stirling John Knox + Frank Vollmann


Born and raised in a rural area in the middle of Germany and having lived in and seen different places afterwards have inspired him to address social issues with his art. His choreographic language is direct and focuses on the intention behind movement. Within that he repeatedly concentrates on the emotional development of the characters he creates. Thematically, his choreographies are dedicated to interpersonal relationships and social taboos. His movement repertoire draws on exaggerated gestures and impulsive movements. He is fascinated by the magical moment of the coexistence of comedy and tragedy – truthfulness of human vulnerability. 


Chris Jäger is a choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. He is choreographing for both theatre and film. He choreographed for films such as BABYLON BERLIN (Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries, Hendrik Handloegten, X Filme), JOHN WICK 4 (Chad Stahelski, Keanu Reeves, Lionsgate/Babelsberg Filmstudios) and TÁR (Todd Field, Cate Blanchett, Nina Hoss, X Filme). After his studies of contemporary dance at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main he joined Jan Pusch and his company at STAATSTHEATER BRAUNSCHWEIG in 2012. Since then he has worked with companies and choreographers such as PUNCHDRUNK International in Shanghai (SLEEP NO MORE), Inbal Pinto & AVSHALOM POLLAK in Tel Aviv and HELENA WALDMANN in Berlin. His works have been invited to internationally renowned festivals and competitions (28th International Competition of Choreographers in Hannover, HAUT_SCENE Festival Copenhagen, Zawirowania Choreographic Competition Warsaw, etc.). In 2019 he was invited by the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture in South Korea for a residency at SEOUL DANCE CENTER. From 2019 to 2020 he took part in the tandem program of Tanzbüro Berlin a project for emerging choreographers and dramaturges. His latest work SEX MIT MADONNA received both private and public funding.